Team Chernihiv Regional Branch of the "All Ukrainian Network of PLWH" has a long way of development: in 2000 - the creation of an initiative group , 2003 - the official registration of the organization , 2010 - a powerful organization with a wide range of services and partnerships .

Services and activities

  1. information support
  2. counseling professionals (doctors , lawyers, psychologists )
  3. assistance in medical care ( maintenance treatment) , rehabilitation, diagnostic
  4. self-help groups for people living with HIV
  5. room of children day care
  6. nursing home
  7. humanitarian help
  8. social support

The activity of  CRB "All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH" focuses on the following areas:

Care and support for people living with HIV


  1. Medical and social support antiretroviral treatment for people living with HIV , including for people with status HIV / TB / UID
  2. Non-medical and nursing care of people living with HIV at home
  3. Care and support for HIV-positive prisoners in correctional facilities
  4. Assistance in support of TB diagnosis and treatment
  5. Community center for people living with HIV and their relatives

For women and children

  1. Medical, social and psychological support to HIV - positive pregnant women and mothers with support of children who was born from HIV -positive mothers
  2. Care and support of children born to HIV - positive parents
  3. Day Centre for Children
  4. Medical, social and psychological support in ARV - treatment for HIV + children

Prevention and formation of tolerance

  1. Prevention informational campaigns for the general population
  2. Primary prevention in schools
  3. Positive prevention


  1. Activation of PLWH in small towns
  2. Lobbying and monitoring the realization rights of HIV - positive people

We work for all HIV - positive people and for those who are affected by HIV / AIDS



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