Positive prevention. The benefits and features.


       February 2013 - our organization started provide a new project " Positive prevention ". This activity is implemented by means of a grant from the project USAID "RESPOND", which in Ukraine is implementing PACT organization, in partnership with FHI360.


    What is positive prevention? What is its nature, characteristics and advantages?

  Positive prevention calls any intervention or approach that:

  • Popularize a healthy way of life for HIV - positive people.
  • Warn the further spread of HIV.

The aim is to support HIV –positive for their healthy life. To achieve this, the work within the framework of positive prevention is aimed at providing information, training and support positive people, as well as those who affect or limit their behavior, choices and opportunities.

How PP has developed in other countries and in Ukraine?

 Positive prevention - an approach that was successfully implemented in many countries, HIV - service organizations. In 1989, " Journal of the American Medical Association " , " popularized by the integration of preventive interventions with health care services for people living with HIV." Only with the introduction of HAART ( highly active antiretroviral therapy) has identified the need for specific prevention services for HIV- positive people.

The basis of PP

PP fits into the existing health system and is based on internationally accepted definitions of health as a holistic approach coming from the values ​​of human rights .

What are the objectives and results of PP ?


Aims of positive prevention :

• To ensure early diagnosis of HIV infection.

• Improve access to treatment , care and support , and increase the use of these services.

• Improve the quality of treatment, care and support.

• To improve adherence to treatment.

• Implement interventions to reduce risk-taking behavior.

The results of positive prevention :

• Healthy life of HIV - positive people.

• Preventing the spread of HIV.

The main services provided in the framework of the project " Positive prevention ":

Individual and group counseling

Group counseling for clients of the project

Provide condoms , lubricants

Consultation / information sessions obstetrician - gynecologist

Providing 80 project clients contraceptive

Seminar - training for 10 representatives of AIDS Service Organizations

Seminar - training for 30 employees of district TSSSSDM

Workshop training for 30 staff offices " Trust "

Summer therapeutic camp

Features of living with HIV


If you have been diagnosed " HIV - infection" , the first thing to remember , is that HIV is a chronic disease . It is means that it’s possible to control .

People who are living with HIV, create happy families, enjoy friendly and romantic relationships, make plans for the future and realize them.

Naturally there are many questions that relate to value of infection for your own life, health, sexual behavior, social contacts, etc.

Specialists Chernihiv regional center for prevention and control of AIDS and consultants NGO «All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH» will help you to find the answers to these questions.

Like any other disease, HIV affects people differently, and standard ways of its development does not exist. The virus weakens the immune system and HIV - positive people are more vulnerable to infectious diseases.

Person who diagnosed “HIV – infection”, should regularly be diagnosed to determine their level of immunity and , if necessary , begin receiving special treatment (ARV - therapy) to maintain their health. The operating principle of ART based on inhibition of virus, to block it’s developing to the stage of AIDS. However, for people who are taking ARV - therapy, it is necessary to take care of their health.

Safe sex and family planning

People with HIV can have full usual sex life. It is important to take responsibility for your own health and the health of your partner. This can be done using the male and female condoms to reduce the risk of re-infection or infection of the partner. Pay attention to the expiration date. Follow the instructions when you use a condom.

HIV - positive people can have healthy children. Thanks to the development of medicine, today the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child is minimized. If you or your partner is HIV - positive and you are planning a baby, consult with your doctor about prevention the transmission the HIV to future baby.

Even if both partners are HIV - positive , it is recommended to practice safe sex life and the use of condoms because HIV - positive person can be re- infected with a dangerous virus or virus that is resistant to certain ART and therefore not treatable . Additionally, if you re – infected the same virus strain, this can lead to increasing the viral load.


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